Cold Creek
This site is basically a gravel pit, but is reasonably clean and level. Lights from passing cars on the roadway are visible, but are not a problem while observing.

It's nicely dark here, except for light dome from LV. The eastern sky is not really usable. There is also a light dome from Indian Springs almost directly north, but it is quite small.
On the topomap, you are traveling right to left up hwy 202 (not marked on hwy 95, it's about 5.5 miles north of Hwy 156.) A little over 8 miles, you'll come around the "mountain" you see on the right side of the topomap. At about 8.8 miles, you should see Forest Service road 571 to your left (marked by very small sign.) 6/10ths of a mile further, you'll note FS 570 to your left, also marked with very small sign. Just a 10th of a mile further, there is an unmarked, but well-defined, gravel road to the left. This is the turnoff to the site.

The road is rough, but not a problem for any vehicle. It goes back, curving to the right, about 1/10th of a mile, and opens into a pretty good sized area (X marks the spot). The site is about 5200 feet in elevation, and is somewhat of a shallow bowl. View is good in all directions.

The site is enclosed on the east and west by low berms. This shot was taken from the Northwest, looking Southeast.
This shot was taken from the Southeast, almost directly opposite the previous shot..