Dante's View
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About 10 miles east of Furnace Creek in Death Valley, turn off hwy 190 onto Dante's View Road. The road is about 13 miles long, and the last quarter mile or so is 15% grade. There is a "Leave Your Trailers Here" turnoff just before the 15% grade. Leave the trailer.

The viewpoint is a large parking lot overlooking Death Valley. Rangers say it is okay to be up there all night, but you cannot camp there. No problem with catching a couple of hours shuteye, but don't set up a tent. There is a restroom down the hill, where you leave your trailer.

Unknown what kind of traffic this spot might have at night. Most people in Death Valley are probably mundanes, and will stick to their RVs and hotels at night. The few hours before sunset might be busy...
36.221N, 116.727W, 5440 feet elevation.

The following images were taken from the southeast corner of the parking lot. This is probably the best place to set up, as the west side has the view into the valley and all the information displays, so people tend to park there.

View from the hill north of the actual viewpoint, showing the general layout.
Approximately North
Approximately East
The restroom facility is the little building (with turnout) just under the center of this photo. It is about a quarter of a mile, down the 15% grade part of the road.
Approximately South
Approximately West
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