Some photos of a couple of places that might prove useful, up Lee Canyon Road, hwy 156, off hwy 95, northwest of Las Vegas.

The first is a gravel pit, about 10 miles up the hwy. It's entrance is a gravel road, to the right of the highway. ' Basically, as you approach 10 miles, there is a paved area off the LEFT side of the road (I assume it's a chain-up area.) It's surprisingly long, but as you see it's end approaching, you will notice a paved turnout on the RIGHT side of the road. This turnout is TOO FAR. The entrance to the gravel pit is just before it, but has no particular distinguishing marks. i recommend that, the first time you go to this site, purposefully pull off in the turnout, make the u-turn, and find the gravel road. This highway can be relatively busy.

The pit itself is useful only because it's a pit. At the bottom, you will probably get no lights from the highway. But the useful area of the pit is fairly limited. There is a larger flat area just past the entrance to the pit, which has more exposure to the highway. But the distance off the hwy and the highway's curvature should limit the problem of light. The bulk of the photos of this site were taken from this flat area.

Fairly dark, except for light dome from LV. Light dome really not bad. Persieds and Geminids both very good from this site. Veil nebula very nice.

Biggest problem with this site is that there always seems to be a 10mph wind blowing.
Gravel pit on topomap.
36.382N, 115.611W, 6560 feet elevation.
Sequence of images starting about southwest, turning east, to finish up about northwest. Not a complete circle, as the last image would have been of my van and nothing else.

Note road continuing at right, middle of picture. Second set of pictures, looking into gravel pit, are taken from there.

The snow patch on the left is at the road into the gravel pit.
East. Road at right is the road off of Highway 156.
This little area (where I parked the van, visible in its entirety in the next set of photos) is large enough for several cars and scopes.
Pictures taken from where road continues after passing gravel pit.
Much of the pit has a pretty good slope to it, but there is a flat area here. The idea would be to park on the slopes and set up the scopes on the level.

This site is about 7 miles up Lee Canyon Road (hwy 156) from hwy 95. There is a long, paved turnout to the right, probably used for chain-up. About three-quarters of the way along, there is a dirt road off to the right. It's a sharp turn, as the road actually angles back behind you. About two tenths of a mile in is a small area where four or five people could park and set up.

The level area of this site is limited. Cars should be parked on the slope and scopes set up on the level. This does put the scopes on or right next to the dirt road, but at night, I doubt many vehicles will come through.

36.409N, 115.566W, 5400 feet elevation.
Looking to the left as you approach the site, showing the level area where scopes could be set up.
Looking to the right as you approach the site, showing the slope of the hill, where cars would park.
Up the slope where the cars would park. The road continues off to the right, to nowhere useful.

Looking approximately southeast. The northwest is mostly small hill.