Las Vegas, Nevada

Convention FAQ

Who is Con*Strict?
Your host, Shawn Blanchette, participates currently in Avengers MCU fandom, as has written in SGA, TPM and a smattering of other slash fandoms over the years under the nom de net of Sian1359 or just Sian. She's also the proprietress of A Wrinkle In Time, a fixture at most media and slash cons throughout the country, that is also on-line at

Why Isn't There Any …

… Dealer's Room?  With attendance restricted to a maximum of fifty or so, it isn't fair to ask dealers to come unless they're there to participate in the panels.  Photos, shirts, miscellany and some zines are generally available, however: ask for what you're looking for and if it's licensed and available, it can usually show up.

… Art Show?  Same as above, although again, we have had a couple of artists show their work and make it available for sale every so often.

… Staff?  Volunteers are certainly welcome, as are ideas and suggestions on what to do.  But fifty people isn't that difficult to keep track of, and everyone is so good a pitching in a hand at con as needed, that I've not found it necessary to actually recruit people for specific tasks.  If there is something you'd like to do (especially pre-con), let me know.

… People?  The first year Con*Strict was held in it's new home in Las Vegas, 9-11 was still fresh in folks minds, and only 12 people were able to make it -- each of whom attended every single panel with only breaks for food and the like, one panel flowing synergistically into the next.  We more than doubled that the following year as most of the attendees realized one of the things they liked about Con*Strict was the opportunity to be really involved with each other.  Ultimately, we wouldn't be able to do the off-site things like movie night and male reviews as a group if we exceed the capacity of our vehicles.

Children at Con*Strict:
Con*Strict is for adults only, however, parents can bring their teen-age daughters (or sons) with them and if they stay with the teen in question, they will be allowed to participate. Additionally, spouses or SOs are welcome to come with you and find their own amusements within the hotel and city. Most off-site evening events are open to guests of attendees.